dimarts, 4 d’octubre de 2016

Edip Ateş risks to be extradited to Turkey from Lebanon

Edip Ateş, who is from Diyarbakır is 39 years old. He has been taken into custody in the Beirut International Airport on 5th september 2016.

He is under the risk of being delivered to Turkey. And if the Lebanon government send him to Turkey, the Turkish authorities will directly send him to jail because of his political situation.

He has been locked up since 5th of September and he is still waiting the court. The conditions are terrible where he has been jailed.

He was trying to go Spain, as an asylum seeker.  But due to Turkish government made a wanted announce to Lebanon, he has been taken by Lebanon authorities.

Please write to:

Presidency of Lebanon:  President_office@presidency-gob.lb

Spanish Lebanon Embassy:



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  • Sheri Laizer says:
    9 de gener de 2017, a les 15:50

    Where is he being detained? Is it under Lebanese Military Intelligence?

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