divendres, 1 d’abril de 2016

Introducing the Official Statement of Aid to Kobanê in the Barcelona's City Council

This morning has been presented in the Gothic Hall of the City of Barcelona the  institutional statement to implement a protocol of cooperation and solidarity for the reconstruction of Kobanê from Barcelona. The protocol is the result of negotiations in recent months we, as KurdisCat-Catalan Committee of Solidarity with Kurdistan, have carried out last months with every municipal group. The proposal had the support, of humanitarian aid, to all groups but eventually some have been deselected.

Amina Hussein and Javier Oliden have attended to the media before the start of the Plenary Council. Representatives of local groups that support the institutional declaration (BEC, CiU, ERC and CUP) attended the hearing including Gerard Pisarello Deputy Mayor (Barcelona en Comú), Jordi Martí from Convergència i Unió group, ERC and Montse Benedí, local councillor of Catalonia's Republican Left, ERC as well as Teresa Lecha from CUP, Popular Unity Candidacy.

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