dimarts, 24 d’octubre del 2017

Facebook censorship on KurdisCat profile again (2nd time)

The page has now been disabled without notice. Not new to facebook to censure and to pursue pro Kurdish pages or whoever who criticize the Turkish government. This time it has been the Catalan Committee of Solidarity with Kurdistan the victim of the repression of the US company. In October last year Facebook disabled our page withmore than 4,000 people followed our profile. Today, again, Facebook censorship has closed the newa page.  If not facebook censorship is that you're not doing things right.

In response, we have created a new page that we invite you to visit.

And if they close again open again.

His victory is our silence, our victory is talk.

Facebook's Kurdish Censorship

Pro-Kurdish Activists Protest Facebook's 'War On Kurds'

Facebook censorship on KurdisCat profile (October 2016)

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