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Shame: EU Grants € 595 million to Erdogan

"Schande!" (Shame) has cried Flemish MEP of the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA), center-right separatist formation, Sander Loones. He denouncesthat the grants were voted for socialists, liberals and conservatives.

On 3 November 2016 the Liberals declared themselves in favor of freezing the funds of European Turkey. On 24 November the European parliament voted, by an overwhelming majority to freeze the negotiations.

But only a week later, the vote of the European budget, not only doesn't punish Erdogan but included a gift in the form of European money. Loon requested: "just a week ago, the European Parliament expressed harsh language against Erdogan. A large majority voted to freeze the accession negotiations. We are just a week later, and the European Parliament acts against its own words (...) These 595 million will again disappear into oblivion autocratic Turkey.

Since March, the EU has given to Turkey two billion €. In fact, the budget is €3 billion for 2016-2017. This is made up of €1 billion from the EU budget, and €2 billion from the EU Member States. All Member States have sent in their contribution certificates for the €2 billion they pledged. For instance the direct grant for education should enable around 500,000 Syrian students to receive education in the Turkish language but not in their own language (Arab, Kurdish or Aramaic).

Cristina Torrent

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