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Yazda builds a new school in Sinjar

Yazda opened a new primary school in the village of Bakra, located 20 km east of the center of Sinone Municipality in Sinjar District. The school consists of six classrooms, management room, teachers’ room, storage space, and two latrines.

A Bakra school for 40 students

The village of Bakra is located in a remote area distant from other towns and villages. The village had no school and children there mostly did not have access to basic education. The new school will allow more than 80 children to receive formal primary education in their village.

The community expressed their gratitude and happiness and thanked Yazda for undertaking this vital project.

The school was opened in a ceremonial event where residents of the village attended along with representatives of several international NGOs operating in the region and about 40 future students of the school.

Yazda team also distributed some school supplies to the students attending the event.

Yazda put education as one of its priorities and will put all its capabilities to support the education sector in the Yazidi and minorities areas, especially that many students have been prevented from continuing their education after the Genocide committed by ISIS in 2014.

Yazda would like to thank everyone contributed into this project, especially our generous funder. We would like also to thank the engineers’ team who volunteered on a pro-bono basis to oversee construction. We thank all the worker and craftsmen who participated in this project and thank residents of Bakra for their support.

Nadia Murad and Yazda visit the Vatican and meet with the Vatican officials

On Wednesday, May 3. Nadia Murad, 2016 Nobel Peace Prize nominee and UN Ambassador of Good Will for the dignity of survivors of human trafficking, the Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), along with Yazda’s team (UK branch), Ahmed Khudida Burjus and Tolark Dinhan, met with Vatican officials, including the Pope, to discuss religious minority's current situation in the Middle East, espec...ially the Yazidis.
Participated in the meeting, United Kingdom’s ambassador to the Vatican, Sally Jane Axworthy, and Paul Gallagher, the secretary for relations with states (foreign minister) of the Vatican.

The meeting focused on the current situation of the religious minorities in Iraq and Syria.

They also discussed the need for establishing a safe zone for minorities in Nineveh plane in Iraq and Sinjar. Also, they discussed the possible ways to rescue the Yazidi women and girls who still held hostage by the Islamic State.

The participated parties requested from the Vatican to recognize Islamic States genocide against the Yazidis as a first step to bring ISIL to justice.

Nadia Murad met briefly with Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Square during Pope’s May 3rd general audience. Pope Francis extended his warm welcome to Nadia and expressed the Vatican’s support for the Yazidis and other religious minorities.

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