diumenge, 13 d’octubre del 2019

Petition to Barcelona's Municipality to break the twinning with Istambul

The agreement for friendship and twinning between Barcelona and Istanbul was signed on January 5, 1997. With this agreement, Barcelona and Istanbul, they intend to intensify the existing relationships between the two cities. The objective is to promote actions that allow the exchange of knowledge and experiences in municipal management and deepen in human relations between its citizens between the Catalan and Turkish cities. Twinning constitutes a mutual commitment to establish links of common interest between the two municipalities.
On October 9, Batlle of Istanbul, Ekrem Imamoglu, explained the support of his city to the invasion, without any pretext, of the North of Syria. This faces the values ​​of peace, non-violence, international legality, respect among peoples, who claim to defend Barcelona. The invasion is generating a humanitarian catastrophe of two million people and supposes violations of the Geneva Convention with bombings against civil zones and murders of unarmed civilians or policies like Hevrîn Helef, general secretary of the Party for the Future of Syria.

Link to the petition

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