dissabte, 3 de juny de 2017

Sardinia's pro Kurdish protest against Turkish army presence

The protest march on June 2nd in Cagliari was part of the movement "A Foras" (Out in Sardinian) opposing "the military occupation of Sardinia" by the Italian army and its NATO allies. In particular they stressed the role of the Turkish army. As A Foras said was explicit: "We are also supportive of the Non State Nations struggles. Just last week the port of Cagliari was the scene of exercises of the Turkish vessels of the Erdogan' oppressive government . We support the struggle of the Kurdish people opposing us games war that are in our land ".

In the event they were frequented the flags of the Yekîneyên Parastinê Gel (People's Defense Units, YPG) Yekîneyên Parastinê yên Jinê (Women's Defense Units, YPJ) as well as Koma Civakên Kurdistan (Confederation of Communities in Kurdistan, KCK).



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