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Espai Roig holds a meeting about the Kurdish people

Last Friday some 30 people assisted in Manresa to the meeting held in Espai Roig by Jordi Vàzquez, author of “Kurdistan, the people of the sun” and coauthor of “The ignored revolution” and also one of the members of KurdisCat.

Vàzquez explained that Kurdistan is the biggest nation without state in the world in demographic terms. Nowadays the Kurdish population is over 40 milions, more than half in Turkey. Caused by the decolonization movement during the first third of XX century Kurdistan was split between Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran and also but in lesser importance between Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia however they never lost the fighting spirit against assimilationist policies. That have meant, revolts, people's organization and as a result the conservation of their culture and traditions.

In Turkey they have been banished, their flag banned, even the name translated as turkish from mountains. Since 2009 there is a limited recognition, but their main political parties have been banned several times.

In Iraq the kurds revolted against Saddam Hussein during the First Gulf War in 1991. Since then they enjoy an autonomous area ruled by themselves under intenational protection. The fall of Saddam's regime in 2003 ended a nightmare including gas mass murdering of some 5000 in 1991.

In Iran the government bans any Kurdish form of singularity. In different times Kurds in Iran have established states of considerable lifetime. Since 2004 some kurds are in clandestinity fighting against Iran government.

In Syria in the areas of Kurdish population with strategic resources like oil there has been Arabic settlement to modify the demographic majority. Besides, between 1965-1973 government promoted arab language, confiscated lands and properties and banned even traditional clothes. Government repression took numerous activists to jail as well. Since 2012 in the middle of Syrian civil war the kurdish people have taken under control large areas of their inhabited zone by fighting corageously ISIS and others.

Jordi Vàzques remembered that on October 27, 1978 the Partit Karkerên Kurdistan (PKK) was created. The program "Kurdistan Devrimin Yolu (Manifesto)" the Kurdish way to revolution, was dedicated to Haki Karer, a militant assassinated few months before of the PKK foundation. The “The proletarian and farmer revolutionary party” defined itself as "a leninst-marxist under guidance of scientific-socialism with the historic and sacred goal of Kurdish revolution for a democratic united and independent Kurdistan".

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