divendres, 4 de desembre del 2015

Successful meeting in Vilafanca with KurdisCat

In Vilafranca, a village in Castelló province, Assemblea d'Ajuda als Refugiats i Refugiades (Assembly to Help the Refugees) held a solidary meeting in favour of Kobane and Syiran people. After sending a truck charged with clothes to the refugees, the Assembly decided to help the people directly involved in the war in the destroyed city of Kobane by participating in Kurdiscat's crowdfunding.

On Saturday 28th November at 4pm started the meeting by our companions Gregorio and Angel explaining the history of Kurdish people, their ethnic and cultural diversity and specifically about Syria, talking about Democratic Confederalism rising and the last changes in the area. We also screened a video recorded by a Kurdiscat in Rojava member who explained the daily situation there.

After that started the solidary market, consisting in the reception of useless objects for someone that could be useful for someone else to interchanging. It was a success, the people brought some typical food to sell making up to 900 euros profit, less costs, which is a considerable sum for a village of some 2000. Finally a exposition of the Syrian war and some activities for the kids closed the day with the theatre play Transcromàtic.

Àngel Bel

Translation: Martí Aritz

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