dimarts, 9 de febrer de 2016

Redur Xelil (YPG): Joint center with Syrian regime forces is a complete fabrication

While the People’s Defense Units (YPG) continue to secure tangible achievements in the fight against the terrorist group known as Daesh (ISIS) in Rojava, northern Syria, and that bringing international recognition and respect for our Defense Units, Turkish President and associated media have not stopped spreading wrong information regarding our security forces, openly stating their hostility against the free will of the people of Rojava. Those types of info altogether assemble around the purpose to disrupt the mutual trust between the Defense Units and the Coalition forces, an attempt to misguide the public opinion by fabricating ground realities.

We would like, not to respond, but to speak out to the international community about daily news on Turkish media and their systematic anti-propaganda against our units; the Defense Units have not received any firearms from the International Coalition, however obtaining their assistance overhead, the kind of support we kindly appreciate.

We have long taken our strength from our resilient people, a people who have realized an eternal source of motivation through difficult times of our history. The weaponry that the Defense Units employ are provided with our own resources – of which many seized from eliminated Daesh terrorists, they have been documented and related amounts have been regularly shared with the public opinion.

In another case, not a single bullet of our limited weapons arsenal has been sent to armed groups out of Syrian borders, unlike, they have been used to confront terrorism inside Syria. The new wave of accusations is directed at us while Erdogan and his intelligence organizations are busy with providing terrorist groups in northwestern Syria, including the Daesh, with weapons and military equipment, simultaneously turning a blind eye to terrorists trafficking through their borders to Syria and Iraq.

Separately, the Russian channel (Channel One) has recently claimed that the Defense Units and Syrian regime forces have formed a joint center. As Ayman Al-Ganim, the person introduced in the report as a member of the YPG has no relations with the People’s Defense Units, the statement likely is a complete fabrication focused on misrepresenting YPG’s reputation in the region.

Rêdûr Xelîl: Official Spokesman for the People’s Defense Units (YPG)
February 8, 2016

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