dijous, 20 d’octubre del 2016

SDF: 19 people were killed as well as 39 wounded by "the barbaric Turkish bombing"

The various militias integrated into the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have made public a summary of recent air strikes on Syrian territory by Turkish aircraft.

Jaysh al Thuwar, the main militia affected as well as other five formations (Military Council of Al-Bab, Eniya Parastisna Jinên Sehba, Tribal Council Forces of Aleppo, Jabhat al Akrad, Northern Democratic Brigade), explained that they have been during the last six months trying to push back the Islamic State and to establish a safety zone for civilians in the east of Tell Rifa'at.

For weeks Turkey and "other radical factions of terrorism against the Syrian democratic moderate forces" (in reference to pro Turks who try to take the initials FSA) have amassed troops in the north of the area mentioned.

"Yesterday at 12:00 it began an intensive shelling of the Turkish army at the points where we have the frontal confrontation with Daesh and then began aerial bombing from 9 pm until 5 am this morning. Turkish warplanes were dropping bombs at more than 30 points against our troops and civilians in the villages recently freed. Simultaneously to the bombing launched, the so called Euphates Shield forces attacked our troops the axes of Asamoukh, Tel Malden and Tohristinh. In all three sites they were defeated and fled, leaving behind the bodies of mercenaries. "

          Turkish shelling of Northern Syria. Source: Jaysh al Thuwar

The alliance groups say that 19 people were killed as well as 39 wounded by the Turkish bombing on Syrian territory. Fifteen fighters were killed and 26 militiamen of Jaysh al Thuwar were wounded "as a result of the barbaric Turkish bombing." "The bombing of Syrian civilian areas in Turkey, in the people of Herbel caused the death of four civilians and 13 wounded. "

The militia forces are calling the "human rights organizations and the media in the world to document the violations and Turkish interventions wich are of flagrant terrorist nature."

"We call on the United Nations and organizations of civil society and human rights organizations and the two sponsors of the crisis in Syria (United States of America and the Russian Federation) to work to stop the Turkish terrorist attacks in the northern parts of Syria. "

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