dimarts, 21 de febrer de 2017

3 Manbij Military Council-SDF members killed in Arima

Hundreds of Manbij people gathered in front of the Euphrates Hospital whre the funerals of the three fighters took place. Ehmed Kenan (Ehmed Minbic), Mele Ehmed (Mele Minbic) and Yusif Merto (Şiyar Tirkmenî) were killed in the town of Arima, 25 km west of the city. .

After a military ceremony organized by Manbij Military Council Emre Mihemed, a member of the House of Martyrs, made a speech and said that freedom fighters fed their lives to defend the country's lands.

Co-chairman of the Manbij Civilian Assembly Ibrahim El-Qefit gava a postivice message in sipte of the sorrow and said in his speech, 'We will definitely win.'

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