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HDP: We stand with the people of Catalonia

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Central Executive Board released a statement voicing solidarity with the people of Catalonia for the "Independence Referendum".

HDP stated that the Spanish government is trying to prevent the "Independence Referendum", which will be held on 1 October 2017 in line with the decision taken by the Autonomous Assembly of Catalonia.

Remarking that people’s right to vote and make choices are at risk, HDP statement said the following;

“First, 712 mayors of Catalonia, who supported the referendum, were prosecuted and called to testify; then by raiding printing houses, the ballot envelopes, ballot boxes and information brochures which will be used in the referendum were seized. Newspaper headquarters were also raided and prevented from making news about the referendum and their internet sites were closed down.

As if the confiscation of the constitutional budget of the Catalan Government by the central government were not enough; the Spanish gendarmerie, in accordance with the instructions of the Rajoy Government, raided the buildings of the Government of Catalonia and detained 14 public officials. The Catalan left-wing party CUP building was also among the places that were raided.”

The Peoples' Democratic Party stressed that they support the Catalan people's right to self-determination, saying; “The prevention by force of the expression of the people’s will is never acceptable. The constitutional rights of the Autonomous Region of Catalonia cannot be suspended on the pretext of preventing the referendum.”

HDP underlined once again that they will continue to stand with the Catalan People, the Autonomous Assembly of Catalonia, the Government of Catalonia and the oppressed political parties.

“We urge Rajoy’s Government to show respect to the Catalan People’s right to vote and to end the oppression against the representatives of the Catalan Autonomous Region”, HDP added.

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