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IPB-Italy awards annual Peace Prize to Abdullah Öcalan

Announcing the award, the IPB-Italy voiced solidarity with the Kurds in their fight for the affirmation of their identity, and offered Abdullah Öcalan, the founder of the social model called “Democratic Confederalism” a recognition for the ceaseless work he has done which today continues from the prison of İmralı, where he is locked up for 16 years, in isolation.

IPB-Italy also stressed that Öcalan was the spokesman of the model of cooperation and peaceful co-existence, which is capable of overcoming religious and ethnic differences, and unique in the context of the Middle East.

“For this, and to further underline the commitment to the Kurdish people's efforts to restore a climate of peaceful coexistence in the Middle East by fighting the violence perpetrated by ISIS, IPB-Italy will deliver the prize symbolically to Öcalan, a living symbol of the ethnic group to which he belongs, and also for supporting the peace processes to which the leader of the PKK continues to work incessantly.”
IPB-Italy further stated that in the last 20 years, the Kurdish people's commitment was aimed to transform the armed conflict into a political ground, noting that the birth of the HDP was also a part of this journey.

Recalling that the collection of signatures, organized at the international level to request Öcalan's release has obtained the consent of 10 million and 364 thousand supporters, IPB-Italy said their invitation was, however, not listened to, adding; “The support offered by IPB-Italy is to keep the attention of the international community to the fate of Öcalan and the Kurdish community.”

The prize of peace will be delivered during the 12. International EUTCC Conference on EU, Turkey and The Kurds to be held in the European Parliament on 26-27 January 2016. Last June, the IPB-Italy has been on the side of Selahattin Demirtas, co-leader of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) during the elections that led to the overcoming of the 10% election threshold, and for the first time, the entry of the Kurds in the Turkish parliament thanks to the support of Abdullah Öcalan for a peaceful solution in Turkey.

IPB-Italy is a national office of the International Peace Bureau. It is an organisation established under Italian law, working to promote and support the programs of the International Peace Bureau, and a culture of peace. It is specifically oriented towards planning, studying and analysing peacemaking in its various aspects

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