diumenge, 4 de novembre del 2018

Kurdish Writer Cemil Turan awarded in València

Mr. Cemil Turan Bazidi is a prolific writer whose works have been published by prestigious Greek publishers such as Sideris, Kastaniotis, Novelbooks, Papazisis, Heródoto and Hispanoparaguaya Global Culture Editions. He has published several books in Greek, Kurdish and Turkish based on stories and events that occurred in the context of conflicts in the Middle East and particularly about Kurdish people.

As a journalist, he has encouraged in communication and the description of social realities. His personal experience contains a background that has allowed him to know different societies from the complexity of the Middle East to Greece passing through to Turkey. His book "My name is Azad" is his first book translated into Spanish by Greek Academician, Mrs. Vasiliki Vroutsi.

He was awarded by UNESCO for his work and particularly the book called “My Name is Azad”. For all the above, the Governing Board and head of International Academy of Sciences, Technology, Education and Humanities Mr. Hoyo Rodrigo has appointed Mr. Cemil Turan Bazidi as Academician of Honor in the Solemn Ceremony holding on October 27 2018 in València.

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