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Al-Sanadid soldiers reinforce SDF in the Wrath of Euphrates Campaign

In a press conference held in the town of Ain Issa, with the attendance of Sheikh Hamidi Daham al-Hadi Co-Governor in Cizîre canton, head of Defense and Self-Protection in Kobani canton Ismet Sheikh Hasan, SDF Gen. Hussam al-Awak, SDF commander Rojda Felat, and Sanadid Forces Commander Bandar al-Hadi, hundreds of Sanadid Forces announced promoting their forces within the ranks of Wrath of Euphrates campaign.

Sanadid Forces Commander Bandar al-Hadi spoke about reinforcing their forces in the 2nd phase of the campaign and said” we as Sanadid Forces are reinforcing our troops within the ranks of Wrath of Euphrates as we strongly believe in our effective participation in the liberation of al-Raqqa city, we have already taken part in the two phases and now we are mobilizing more forces to strengthen our side in the battlefields, the campaign is eventfully ongoing with high morale, and we hope al-Raqqa is liberated as soon as possible”.

The sheikh Hamidi Daham al-Hadi Co-Governor in Cizîre canton expressed his joy at the coexistence witnessed among the forces to defend their country” we are glad to visit the region, and be informed of the progress of the battles, much more are we happy to see the coexistence of fighters of different components defending their land, we have visited our people in the region and also the battlefields where fighters are stationed to maintain and spread security and safety in the reign”.

Al-Hadi noted” our major concern is defending our land and preserving sanctities amid frequently occurring attacks by the obscurantist powers, as long as our sanctities are in danger, we are committed to defend them since we are brothers living on this land, our campaign to liberate our brothers in al-Raqqa is big evidence that national cohesion and harmony prevail among the sects of the Syrian people”.

Sheikh Hamidi Daham al-Hadi concluded that enemies of the nation are many, and said” peoples of the region should be standing together and uniting, hoping that the new year might be a year of victory and freedom”.

Head of Defense and Self-Protection in Kobani canton Ismet Sheikh Hasan welcomed Shammar tribe head and sheikh Hamidi Daham al-Hadi Co-Governor in Cizîre canton and noted that the sheikh’s visit has gave them more spirits.

Sheikh Hasan assured that they as peoples of the region will strive on all levels to reach a federal democratic Syria for all Syrians.

SDF Gen. Hussam al-Awak said that they have greatly suffered starting from the Syrian regime and ending in ISIS and extremist Islamic factions, who tried to manipulate the area under the pretext of Islam, al-Awak said ” YPG and YPJ were the sun that shone on the region with their outgoing mentality and their good behavior where they have brought peace and prosperity to the region, we as tribes of the region will strive to liberate the whole region till a federal democratic Syria is achieved”.

The press conference having finished, the group of Sanadid fighters headed for the battlefields, while the visiting delegation returned to the canton of Cizîre.

Source: ANHA

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