diumenge, 15 de gener del 2017

I was Alan but now I am Cemile in Cizira Botan

I was Alan but now I am Cemile in Cizira Botan. My corpse, wrapped in icicles, hurts my mother’s heart.
My heart is frozen. Whatever humanity that still remains has become numb… I was Alan but I am no longer stranded on a beach. I am now lying in a box, embraced by a blanked of frost. I have changed my name, now I am Cemile…
They have become the angels of our death and for this I do not want to entrust my heart to a land that takes so many of our hearts.
I came back but you weren’t aware of me. You didn’t see me.
Yes, I am Alan…
I got to know many people like myself here. I didn’t know who they were and where they were from. I don’t even know where it is that I have come to but it is a very beautiful place.
I don’t speak the same language as some of them but the funny thing is that I understand everything they say and do.
Then I got to know that one is from Hiroshima, one is from Vietnam, one is from Halabja and one is from Dersim. There are children like me from all over the world. They described their own countries and cities. They said:
“Here, you stay the same as you are now. Here, you don’t grow up.” How nice. You don’t grow up and you don’t become dirty and nast
Like always, my mum didn’t leave me on my own. I knew that she would come here before me… See, there is her bosom rubbing gently and warming my face again.
Where are you? Where are those who were drawing my pictures in order to do my sculpture? Those people whose tears were mixing up and foaming together with the waves, where are you all?
I was ashamed when I saw that you weren’t the same this time. I then realised that all that crying, all that mourning and sadness was just for show. It was a role for a play.
But again where are those true-hearted and devoted people who were watering my grave with their tears… I am here … but this time embraced by a blanked of frost. I can’t hear you; nor can I feel my mother’s tears on my cold body.
Where are you all?
Are you blind? Is there no sympathy left in your frozen hearts? Can’t you speak? Why don’t you say `my sweetheart` like my mother used to say.
Here, where I have reached, my friends welcomed me and greeted me. They turned their hearts into an agal and put it on my head. The child from Halabja said: “You know that mankind was made from the earth. Clean and pure, mankind opened its eyes. But in the dirtied hands of unclean minds, mankind drowned and suffocated.
I had thought that our soiled species with its own disgrace had drowned with me in the sea. And so my soul felt lighter. But the angel of death had once again woken up; this time returning to Cizira Botan.
I was Alan, but now I am Cemile in Cizira Botan. With my cold body wrapped in icicles in a box I am hurting my mother`s heart again.

Mustafa Özçelik  is the leader of the Kurdistan Freedom Party (Partîya Azadîya Kurdistanê – PAK) which was founded at the end of the 2014. The main ideology of the party is a free Kurdistan and it is on this concept that the party is always calling for unity within the Kurds. The party manifesto focuses on the Northern Kurdistan region.  Since the foundation of PAK until now it has made visible and noticable progress and it has made a secure place in the fight for a free Kurdistan.
The party is calling on unity within Kurds at every opportunity. It says: “Those who can unite should unite. If they can’t unite, they need to build an alliance. If they can’t build an alliance they should try to establish and build a dialogue. If they can’t do any of the above they should not oppose one another in a hatful manner 
Translation: Sabahat Karaduman

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