dilluns, 17 de juliol del 2017

Please Help Support Rob Grodt's Daughter

Rob Grodt grew-up in California and later moved to New York, where he worked as a journalist and welder.

After hearing about the struggle of the Kurdish people in Rojava (Northern Syria) to resist ISIS, he chose to put his own life on the line to help fight against them. In the spirit of the Spanish Civil War International Brigaders, he made his way to Rojava to lend his support to the liberation war against ISIS and to building a free, democratic, secular, multicultural autonomous state in Rojava.

On July 6, Rob and several comrades were killed during a particularly fierce gun battle, taking back the ISIS caliphate's capital of Raqqa in vicious street-by-street gunbattles. Twenty eight international volunteers have given their lives fighting alongside the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) so far.

You can learn more about this brave young man in the videos below.

This campaign is to provide some monetary support for Rob's child. All money raised will be managed by his partner Kaylee, for their daughter. Rob loved his daughter immensely and made the difficult decision to fight to make the world a better place for her.

My name is Justin Woodruff and I am involved with several groups providing support to the YPG struggle. I have a friend who is there right now, training at the YPG military accademy before  going in to Raqqa to fight. I believe strongly in the fight against religious extremism and building a free, democratic and egalitarian state in the region. We should also be supporting the families of those who have given their lives to this struggle against evil.

I have spoken with Kaylee today (July 11). She was very moved to know that our community would try to give her some financial supprt. I have never set-up a GoFundMe before, but my goal is for Kaylee to have sole access to the funds raised. I will not have access to the funds, for transperancy sake. Kaylee has stated that she intends to use any money raised soley for their daughter and not herself.

Rob Grodt gave his life for a truly noble cuase. I ask everyone to please contribute what you can, to help out his family during this difficult time.


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