diumenge, 24 de gener del 2016

Arda Turan on Kurdistan: "Things can be solved with dialogue without people dying as in Catalonia”

The Turkish player F.C. Barcelona who could not play until January 1st but joined the Catalan club on July last has responded to questions of the Catalan radio program 'Què t'hi jugues?' on Cadena Ser. Arda said that he respects the will of the Catalan people and wants the problems in Turkey, referring to the Kurdish-Turkish conflict, to be solved in the same way. Arda Turan has chosen a path of democratic and peaceful solution, in line with the recent manifesto for peace in his country academics. President Erdogan has responded to those who opt for peace and dialogue as "traitors" and said that will solve the conflict "liquidating all the PKK militants", a Kurdish party claiming autonomy and democratic confederalism. Erdogan hasfired university academics as well as detained some who signed the manifesto.

Referring to the violence caused by the Ankara's government to Kurdistan, Arda Turan said:  “The situation in Turkey is little sensitive. The situation is a little bad. However, the understanding of democracy which both Catalonians and Spain  show could happen in Turkey as well. … Things can be solved with dialogue without people dying.” After the interviewer asked about the reason for both Arda and his interpreter sounding sad when replying to his question, Arda said :“There are also disputes between Catalonians and the Spanish administration. But they solve their problems through democracy. Hopefully, my country can do the same.”

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