dimarts, 12 de gener del 2016

Barcelona's City Council calls on Turkey to reconsider the situation in Kurdistan

Barcelona's City Council has called Turkey to stop its repressive approach  through a letter addressed to the Turkish consul in Barcelona, Amir Salim Yuksel. It is  dated on January, 11th. The Deputy Mayor Gerald Pisarello signs the message where he shows his "affliction" and it is an answer to the "demands that come from municipalities such as Diyarbakir."  

It points out that "The curfews imposed in several Turkish cities and the damage suffered by buildings such as the mosque of Kursunlu or Pasha Haman, a UNESCO heritage site, shows that it has entered a dangerous path away from Turkey. In this sense, the murder of social activists and known feminist women in the Kurdish region require us to send you this letter asking the government to reconsider its position. "
Pisarello considers that the Turkish government fueling the anger of citizens "with comments about the extermination of a population in the supposed war against terrorism."

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