dilluns, 29 d’agost del 2016

YPG Statement: Turkish government is directly responsible for our captured combatants

Turkish warplanes on August 28 bombed the village of Al-Kusa in south of the city Jarabulus. As a result, tens of civilians were massacred and an unknown number of local residents were injured. After the attack, the Military Council of Jarabulus whose forces were positioned in the area called for urgent support in order to help evacuating civilians and treating the injured.

Accordingly, a unit of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) – formed of four fighters – tried to reach the noted area as they were ready near Qereqozax bridge. Yet, Turkish army and affiliated militants ambushed the vehicle of that unit and captured four combatants inside.

From this point, we say to the public opinion, we see Turkish government and its army fully responsible for the life and health of our fighters.

People's Defense Units YPG Press Office | August 29, 2015

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