dimecres, 27 de juliol del 2016

Help Levi Jonathan Shirley Get Home

This past Tuesday, July 19th, our family received the worst news of our life--our beloved Levi, my older brother, had been killed in combat while fighting in the YPG (Kurdish military) in Manbij, Syria on July 14th.

The United States doesn't have relations with Syria so we are trying to organize to have his remains brought to Turkey, and from there we will have a better chance of getting him home. We have been told that this may be an extremely difficult, weeks-long process and will likely cost upwards of 7000 dollars.

Levi has left behind me and our loving mom and dad, as well as so many wonderfully caring friends. He is our hero and he deserves to come home to the country he loved so much.

Our goal is set at 10,000 dollars because we are unsure exactly how much it will take to get him back and we need to be prepared for any unforeseen costs that haven't come up yet. We would all be so grateful for any help and any donations which are not used for his return, memorial, or other expenses of his will be donated on his behalf directly to the YPG, YPJ, and Red Crescent to help his wonderful Kurdish friends on the front lines in Syria.

From his entire family, thank you so much for the overwhelming amount of love and support we have received from his friends all over the world. He would be honored to know how much people cared for him.

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