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Baloch, Kurds, Azeris, Arabs and Turkmen gathered against the Islamic Regime

Baloch, Arabs, Kurds, Turks and representatives of other non-Persian nations of Iran gathered in London on Friday (26 July) to express their support to President Trump’s policy against the Islamic regime of Iran.

The press conference was organised by the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz (ASMLA) and representative of the Free Balochistan Movement, National Organisation for Liberation of Ahwaz, Collaboration Platform of Political Organisations of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan National Resistance Organisation, Southern Azerbaijan Student Movement, Kurdistan Independence Movement, Caspian Democratic Party and Southern Azerbaijan Democratic Party took part and supported the political declaration which asserted that non-Persian nations have a right to chose their future and EU states should support actions of the United States for regional peace and security.

The speakers said that the Islamic regime is committing atrocities against people under the occupation of Iran including Baloch people, Arab people of Al-Ahwaz, the Turks of Azerbaijan, people of Kurdistan and Turkmen people.

They also said that Iran despite being a UN member state was violating the seventh provision of the UN Charter but the UN was unable to put an end to Iranian state ‘horrendous crimes’ against occupied nations.

Shahzavar Karimzadi, the representative of Free Balochistan Movement, said that oppressed nations of Iran should have a clear plan to transform post-regime Iran into a democratic society. He said, ‘we need a transitional plan for economics and politics where the nations will be able to determine their own future and such a transitional process will be based on the principles of cooperation, democratic governance, mutual respect and human rights.’

Karimzadi said that only a transitional plan and cooperation among all ethnic groups of Iran can bring a positive and effective change where national rights of nations will be recognized.

He said that the problem in the Middle East and beyond is the creation of colonial geopolitics and fake nations, where national rights of different historical nations have been ignored. He called the 21st century, ‘the century of nations in the Middle East’.

A pre-written statement on behalf of the above mention, organisations was read out during the press conference which welcomed Trump administration’s pressure campaign against the Islamic regime and called on the European states to back the United States of America to deter the terrorist regime of Iran and secure the Persian Gulf region.

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