dimarts, 14 de març del 2017

The Mayor of Antwerp (N-VA) bans a meeting of the Turkish far right MHP

Bart De Wever, the Mayor of Antwerp, has banned a meeting of the Turkish far right MHP party, often referred to as the "Grey Wolves". The city authorities asked local police to carry out a security analysis. The police reported back today triggering the ban on the meeting. De Weber is a leading member of the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) which is focused in the independence of Flanders.

The police suggest that public order could be threatened if the meeting goes ahead. The Flemish party Vlaams Belang earlier announced it would organize a "counter demonstration" if the meeting proceeded.

This is the second occasion that such a meeting is banned in Antwerp. Last time round the meeting was to be staged in a public space. Today the meeting was scheduled for a private location.

A similar meeting in the Limburg town of Genk too is contested by Bart De Wever's Flemish nationalist N-VA. There the local Christian democrat mayor has decided to let the meeting go ahead.

Earlier an N-VA lawmaker insisted that it was not suitable for Turkish leaders to campaign here. Turks go to the polls soon in a referendum that will install a presidential regime.

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