diumenge, 14 de febrer del 2016

Firat Xelil (YPG-Efrîn): "We have not fired a single bullet against Turkey"

The spokesman of Yekîneyên Parastinê Gel (People's Defense Units, YPG) in the Efrîn canton (Syria), Firat Xelil responded to Turkish aggression in which, for the moment, had died two members of his militia near Azaz. There are also several wounded from Arab allies to Jaish al Thuwar (Army of revolutionaries) as Xelil confirmed.

Jaish al Thuwar denounced in a statement yesterday, the Turkish attack on their positions. The Kurdish commander has said that the goal of Ankara is to stop the advance of the Syrian democratic opposition movement, Jaish al Thuwar on positions so far yo keep the Islamist opposition, a Turkish puppet, north of Aleppo. Firat Xelil recalled that "in four years we have not fired a single bullet against the Turkish side of the border." Thus he has denied the Turkish lie that there was a previous attack from Syria. According Xelil is normal for the Turkish state to feel "uncomfortable and worried about progress in the area of ​​Azaz by Jaish al Thuwar" Erdogan's government has poured a huge amount of resources to support Islamist opponents and now observes their lines of defense watering, have lost the corridor to Aleppo and, in fact, begin to lose the war.

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