dissabte, 27 de febrer del 2016

YPG : From Turkey, Raqqa; ISIS Launches Fierce Attacks On Tal Abyad

After an effective military campaign in the town of Shadadi enabled the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to inflict significant blows to the Daesh (ISIS), elements of that terrorist group last night, February 26, Launched a sèries of Coordinated attacks in and around the city of Tal Abyad (Gireu Spi).

The massive assault - targeting south and East of Tal Abyad from two axis - was simultaneously Carried out at 11 pm from Turkey and the Occupied city of Raqqa.

From Turkey side, numerous terrorist units stormed the city center of Tal Abyad and the villages Nastal, Khiwera, Qanatra located at zero point of the borderlines to the east of Tal Abyad regió. Leading a charge from Raqqa, the terrorists at the same time targeted the line of Gantari-Shergirat villages in East of town Ain Issa, and southern Siluk.

The People 's / Women' s Defense Units (YPG / YPJ) immediately responeu to the attacks, and confronted the assailants in 15 different locations. Up to the time, those battles continue with all intensity. Detailed information on this fight and the results will soon be provided, but we insure our people and the public opinion these attacks will be Defeated, and the terrorists will lose 11 again.

Yekîneyên Parastinê Gel (YPG)

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