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Kurdish Political Prisoner in Iran on Hunger Strike to Protest New Charge for Sending a Message to Kobanê

Mohammad Sediq Kaboudvand, a prominent Kurdish human rights activist who is in his ninth year of incarceration at Tehran’s Evin Prison, has gone on hunger strike to protest the new charges that have been brought against him.

Kaboudvand’s wife, Parinaz Baghban Hassani, told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that he started the hunger strike on May 8, 2016 “because since last winter he has been summoned to the Judiciary three times and each time formally charged with new accusations.”

“He is on hunger strike to protest these false charges and because his multiple prison sentences have not been combined [under Article 134 of Iran’s New Islamic Penal Code],” added Hassani.

Article 134 allows for only the longest sentence to be served in cases that involve convictions on multiple charges.Kaboudvand, the former president of the Human Rights Organization of Kurdistan and editor of Payam-e Mardom (“People’s Message”), a Kurdish-Persian publication, was recommended for conditional release in February 2016 by the chief warden of Evin Prison, but the prosecutor refused to consent.
The new charges against Kaboudvand accuse him of sending a message to the people of Kobani—a city in northeastern Syria with a predominantly Kurdish population—congratulating their successful defense against an onslaught by Islamic State fighters, and calling for peace between Kurds and the Turkish government. Kaboudvand has also been accused of writing a university paper about the human rights situation in Iran’s prisons.
“My husband is in prison,” said Baghban Hassani. “How could he be sending messages to Kurds and Turkey?”

Kabudwand crime: support to Kurdish nation's right humanity.
Imprison, and continuos punishment we should know that kabudwand is under pressure to maintain ours and yours primary rights.
Write your name as a supporter. Notice; this camping ends in three days.
Muhammad sadiqy kabudwand, a head of human right organization in Kurdistan, he is in the prisons of Iran Republic for 9 years. During this nine years he never gave up of his endurance to face all the difficulties. Even in prison he tried to be the voice of Kurdistan human right. At the same time prison keepers and Iran Republic law authorities tried all the kinds of punishment and pressure to make him give up. Physical punishment and psychological punishment, annoying his family, he got many illnesses and he did not want doctor's therapy, his baby's sickness, and even they did not give him his right as a prisoner. He faced a lot of difficulties there. With all these he is about to finish the 9 years but Iran Republic decide to renew 11 years in the prison to Muhammad sadiqy. Iran Republic authorities are always trying to find new things in order to keep him in jail and they do not let him to keep going his effort for Human right. Against this inhuman behaviour of Islamic Iran Republic, Muhammad Sadiqy Kabudwandin eating for more than two weeks. In his prison life during this nine years he got many sicknesses like prose-tat, heart-attack kidney disease because he ( mani grtuwa ) many times before. So here we hope you all..
Stay together in facing this case and being the head voice of human right Kurdistan in prison one opinion against a dictatorship of Islamic Iran Republic on kabudwand and the other political prisoners in this regime.
"For kabudwand'd freedom" campin for this purpose is organized and it is waiting for all Kurdish people in any place of the world to be the voice liberty and righteous of kabudwand and the othe people of kabudwand in the black hole of islamic Iran regime.

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