dilluns, 16 de maig del 2016

Successfull meeting on Kurdistan in Lleida

More than forty people filled the hall in Lleida on May 9th. The event was organized by the Sirollada, the People's Cooperative Ateneu (Catalan Associaction) La Baula as well as KurdisCat. It carried the title "The democratic revolution in Kurdistan" and focused on the latest developments on the Syrian and Turkish parts of Kurdistan, as well as the presentation of book 'Kurdistan, the people of the sun', currently being exhausted and being updated in a second edition by the Catalan editorial Tigre de Paper. In the subsequent debate, it was discussed about the possible international supports for the Kurdish people, the relationship with the Arab population wich is becoming increasingly large in Iraqi and Syria's Kurdistan or the most relevants topics of what jineology means.

Photos: Laura Maza @LauraPuigverd

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