dissabte, 3 de març del 2018

'Resistance is Life, Berxwedan Jiyane' in the Durango Independent Film Festival

The film 'Resistance is Life; Berxwedan Jiyane' will be heading to the Durango Independent Film Festival in Durango, Colorado for 3 separate screenings. If you haven't seen the film yet, here is your chance to learn about the inspiring people who continue to struggle for their basic rights of freedom and peace.The film received the award for BEST FEATURE DOCUMENTARY from the Rojava Film Festival (2.Mihrîcana fîlm a Rojava) by the people of Kobane and Rojava for a film that shares their inspiring and incredible story. We thank the people of the region, the organizers and participators, and dedicate the film to the children and women of Kobane.

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