dissabte, 1 d’agost del 2015

Internationalist Statement for Peace and Democracy in Kurdistan and Turkey

On July 20th, the Islamic State killed 32 Turkish antifascist youth in Suruç (Turkish Kurdistan) who were heading to Kobanê to work for its reconstruction. The slaughter supposed physical attack on international solidarity and a symbolic attack on the project to construct an alternative social, economic and revolutionary policy that is forged in Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan).

The Turkish state, which until now had tolerated and even facilitated the presence of the Islamic state on its border, was then launched its first military intervention in the Syrian conflict, taking advantage of the situation to attack the Kurdish resistance, through bombing Kandil Mountains (Kurdistan Iraq) and the detention of hundreds of activists and trade unionists in the main cities of Turkish Kurdistan.After turning on Turkish strategy, the process of peace negotiations held since 2010 the government and the Kurdish national movement and social liberation was definitely broken and hopes for peace, buried. 

Turkey resumed its repressive strategy, publicly equating, perversely, the fundamentalist and ultra-conservative Islamic fascism State and self-organized popular struggle of Kurdish and Kurdish fighting in the name of life, multiculturalism, anti-fascism, radical democracy and the liberation of women. 

Our comrades have been called terrorists, after being subject to a slaughter of the Turkish state itself has been complicit in allowing groups close to the Islamic State champion reproduce and freely within its territory.With its deeply authoritarian, oppressive states own attitude that, unfortunately are known well by the nationalist and independence organizations of the Spanish State, the Turkish government once again demonstrates its unwillingness commitment to peace after two years in which practically has not taken any steps towards the resolution of this conflict and the democratization of Turkey.We the undersigned organizations condemn the attack on Suruç and express our solidarity and affection towards the families and struggle colleagues of the victims  and reaffirm our support for those who build the political, social and economical alternative in Kurdistan and Turkey.Therefore, we demand the Turkish government:

- That immediately end the harassment and repression strategy against the Kurdish national movement and social liberation and the Kurdish people in general, and against democratic political options and base.
That immediately release the detained Kurdish colleagues and partners.
 - That
once and firmly  work for peace and resolution of this conflict, because its current position only contributes to more suffering, more displaced and exiled and gives more dominance to threaten any form of democratic and pluralistic life.Finally, we demand also to the international community to act Immediate, abandoning his classic strategy with this conflict of looking the other way, allowing the violation of the most fundamental human rights.

Bloque Nacionalista Galego (Galiza)
Candidatura d'Unitat Popular (Països Catalans)
EH Bildu (Euskal Herria),
Puyalón (Aragón)

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