dimecres, 18 de març del 2015

Celebrating the Kurdish New Year in Barcelona!

The Newroz (literally, New Year) is the most important date in the Kurdish calendar. It marks the beginning of the annual cycle and takes place the March 21st. It is an ancient tradition dating from the conquest of Nineveh by the Medes (ancestors of the Kurdish people). It was a huge and important victory so it meant the liberation of the people subjugated during centuries by the Assyrian empire. These proto-Kurdish people had witnessed harsh times and brutal repression under the Assyrian rule, and the fall of Nineveh was an explosion of happiness and freedom which is still celebrated.

The celebration in Barcelona will take place at Ateneu La Base (C/Hortes, 10, Paral·lel L3), and will include a performance of Kurdish dance and another performance of Kurdish music. A brief introdution about Kurdistan and its people's struggle will be made, and finally, a Kurdish dinner. The entrance is free and the dinner costs 10€, without drinks. With these celebration Kurdiscat would like to gather the Kurdish community in Catalonia and making them feel at home.

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