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Support for Kobanê Campaign by KurdisCat

The campaing "Suport a Kobanê" (Support for Kobanê) comes from the appeal for aiding the refugees in the Turkish border made by Kurdish organizations. Urgent assistance is necessary for the reconstruction of the city and providing basic assistance for the civil population.

The organizations stationed in Kurdistan have asked for money, because they can buy the goods they need it in the neighboring regions, where materials and food are cheaper and avoid transport taxes. They have also asked for medicines and baby food, products that are currently hard to obtain in Kurdistan. So, the campaign is based in two issues: collecting of monetary funds and medical equipment.

We have set a minimum of 10.000€, but more funds are necessary. Any collected funds or materials will be helpful in the context of destruction and war that Kobanê is now immersed in.

The funds will go to Heyva Sor association. This organization is the Kurdish Red Crescent, and was founded in 1993 in Bochum, Germany. It is the only humanitarian organization helping Kurdistan. In the current context of crisis, with war raging in Kobanê and Shengal, the money collected around Europe is transferred to Heyva Sor main office in Germany, where they are distribute it according to the current projects and the main priorities.

One of the most useful solidarity action with Kurdish people is economical help. Workers and volunteers organized around the Kurdish local committees can afford buying what they need cheaper and avoiding the costs of transporting goods to the zone.

More information on Heyva Sor projects:

On the other hand, the campaign "Suport a Kobane" will also consist in a collect of medicines and baby food, as previously stated. You can check the details in the website suportakobane.blogspot.com or by sending us and e-mail to infosuportakobane@riseup.net

If you want to help in the fund collection but you want to give it in cash, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will tell you where do you have the nearest collection point.

If you want to do any activity in support of Kurdistan, apart from participating in the campaign, you can contact us at kurdiscat@gmail.com

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