diumenge, 4 de desembre del 2016

Erîş, a new international Volunteer of the Yekîneyên Bijîşkî Taktîkî

Erîş is the second in command of the Yekîneyên Bijîşkî Taktîkî* team as well as the chief ambulance driver. He has overall responsibility for the training of other drivers and the maintenance and availability of the units ambulances.

During operations Erîş coordinates driver and ambulance activities to ensure the maximum avalibility of evacuation assets. Outside of operational activity he ensures other drivers are trained in effective casualty trasportation and that they ensure our ambulances are maintained to a high standard.

The YBT has been joined by five new team members this week, three of the m from the USA and two hail from the United Kingdom. They have joined the team primarily as parastîna (protection) for ambulance crew and medics working in forward positions. 

*Yekîneyên Bijîşkî Taktîkî, YPG's combat medics.

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