dimarts, 6 de desembre del 2016

My name is Alan

I am asleep on the shore with waves of silence crashing down on me, the silence of the humanity. I can neither hear, nor feel the lapping waves or the sea breeze. I can’t hear the sound of the seagulls; nor can I feel the rays of the sun. I can’t hear anything. I can’t feel anything. 
I am a child, 3 years old. They named me Alan. I am lost in the sea’s shameful foam. This time it is the shame of the humanity that has produced the foam in the sea and not the waves.
I know that you are writing poems for me, you are drawing pictures of me. You are talking about human rights… You are talking about my Kurdish ethnicity; the misfortune and ill fortune of my people - Kurds. You are mourning for me and for us.
And my mother; Oh! Dear Mother! I know that she was dead before me. How do I know? Well I know … I can feel it as I know her so well; from the time she embraced me and started to breast feed me. I know that she is alive but dead at the same time. I know that you talk about her; you say how unfortunate, how wretched she must be. You continue with that. What you can’t see is that it is actually you all who are the miserable ones.
I can’t hear those embellished words or those worn-out sayings anymore. I won’t be able to watch your play anymore. But for once, just for once put your sons or daughters in my place and then watch it yourselves! Look at your lifeless child! But I suspect there is no humanity left, as I am but one act in this farce of a play.
That is enough! I am calling the Kurdish leaders and wise men; you haven’t built a country for me and other children like me. Try at least to build a country for those who are alive. It is time to stop being petty and being selfish. Become united. Do not lose the chance of creating your own country, the chance that is waiting on your door step.
My name is Alan… I am a three year old child. I am from Kobani, from Mahabad … I am from Sengal, from Halabja, from Amed… I am from Kurdistan.
Don’t let any more Alans become a victim on the shores of statelessness or a victim of mankind’s cold-bloodedness. All I want from you is a country.

Mustafa Özçelik  is the leader of the Kurdistan Freedom Party (Partîya Azadîya Kurdistanê – PAK) which was founded at the end of the 2014. The main ideology of the party is a free Kurdistan and it is on this concept that the party is always calling for unity within the Kurds. The party manifesto focuses on the Northern Kurdistan region.  Since the foundation of PAK until now it has made visible and noticable progress and it has made a secure place in the fight for a free Kurdistan.
The party is calling on unity within Kurds at every opportunity. It says: “Those who can unite should unite. If they can’t unite, they need to build an alliance. If they can’t build an alliance they should try to establish and build a dialogue. If they can’t do any of the above they should not oppose one another in a hatful manner 
Translation: Sabahat Karaduman

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