divendres, 9 de desembre del 2016

Zarok TV back on air again but with conditions as 40% Turkish programming

Zarok TV is a children’s cartoon channel.The children's TV channel in the Kurdish language has had to accept the conditions for Erdogan to broadcast again. These were to issue 40% of its programming in Turkish. While all television channels in use Turkish Zarok TV was the only one to use the Kurdish language inTurkey. The second condition is even more Kafkaesque:  Ankara, literally constrains to Zarok TV to "reflect Turkish culture." Turkish colonial imperialism without nuances.

Zarok TV is the first Kurdish language satellite television station in Turkey for Kurdish children, broadcasting since 21 March 2015, and it is based in Amed (Diyarbakır in Turkish). It was closed by a presidential decree last September. Another 15 media outlets were closed too.

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