divendres, 29 d’abril del 2016

Conference on Democratic Confederalism in Pedreguer

Last Saturday, April 16th, KurdisCat made the fourth act in the Valencian Country, a meeting in València, in the UJI in the Solidary Day for Kobanê organized by Assemblea d'Ajuda als Refugiats i Refugiades a Vilafranca (“Helping refugees Assembly of Vilafranca”). This time, it was the Candidatura d'Unitat Popular de Pedreguer (Popular Unity Candidacy of Pedreguer) that invited KurdisCat to the meeting in order to catch up the Syrian conflict.

In the conference we talked about the Kurdish people and the evolution of the Democratic Confereralism until the application in Rojava nowadays, as well as a brief summary about PKK’s history. In the end, we also explained the use of the refugees as an arm by Turkish state against the European Union, and its silence with the ethnic cleaning that Erdogan is carrying out in the south-est of Turkey.

We thank all the people that attended, CUP for inviting us, and Acció Cultural del País Valencià (Cultural Acction of Valencian Country) for relinquishing a place at Casal Jaume I.

Àngel Bel

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