diumenge, 28 de juny del 2015

YPG and YPJ flags in the bikers ride for Catalan independence

Around 4,500 bikers rallied in the Montmeló Circuit in Barcelona, on Saturday 27th June, before taking to the streets of Barcelona to show their support for the Catalan independence movement. Organisers said a total of 7,000 people attended the event, known as the 'Motorada per la Independencia'. English: Motorbyke rally for Independence.

Many of the participants were holding the official Catalan flag and the Estelada flag, a symbol of Catalan separatism. But there were other flags as well, the YPG and YPJ Kurdish militias flags. As Jordi Soler (@jsoler63) expressed "it is an hommage to the martirs who died for freedom" as well as an hommage for the people who is currently defending democracy in Rojava. They will never walk alone.

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