dilluns, 27 de juliol del 2015

KurdisCat Protest in Barcelona with more than 60 people

KurdisCat – Catalan Comittee in Solidarity with Kurdistan have called for a protest in Barcelona co-ordinated with other actions taking place worldwide. A crowd of sixty people joined the Comittee in the Turkish embassy to denounce the Turkish government agression against the Kurdish people.

Government’s collaboration in attacks against the Kurdish movement as the bombing of the HDP meeting on June 5th as well as the two attacks to Kobanê from the Turkish frontier: on June 23th and last November 29th. These actions cannot be conceived without a high level of incapacity or collaboration from Ankara. The Turkish provisional government is a significant partner in this regard, and, is our responsibility to claim it before Western governments.

Closure of Kurdish media, firing of critical Turkish journalists and baning of tomorrow demonstration in Istanbul of the Peace Block.

The attacks by the Turkish jets against the Medya Defence Forces breaking the solution process wich began on 2012. We are aware that the attacks were on civilian areas too in Duhok.

Members of the Kurdish as well as Turkish communities in Catalonia were present at the protest and spoke commonly to denounce all of these questions.

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