dilluns, 6 de juliol del 2015

Conference on Kurdistan in Barcelona with KurdisCat, Euro Arab Centre and AltraItalia

On Tuesday July 7th we will take a talk about Kurdistan and Rojava, as well as the democratic confederalism as a solution to the Kurdish people as well as to the Middle East. It will be in the so called Pati Llimona of Barcelona.  

Besides KurdisCat - Catalan Solidarity with Kurdistan Committee, we have the collaboration of Euro Arab Centre of Catalonia. It is a very positive element in the line of confederalism democratic dialogue between the Arab and Kurdish communities, the main protagonists of the events in Syrian Kurdistan. They have also collaborated in organizing the association AltraItalia the Pati Llimona Civic Centre and the City of Barcelona.

It will be at seven in the evening Regomir Street, 3rd in Barcelona.

Link to the event on facebook.

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