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Gambian women claim for peace and respect between ethnic groups in Rojava and Syria

Gambian women have showed their message of peace to Rojava, currently in war.

Gambia and Senegal know very well what is to be at war. Throughout history, they have been colonized several times and have had different clashes between them.

But during the last years, Gambia has become a peaceful country and receives eight international airlines with open arms full of tourists who want to enjoy the famous "smile of Gambia".

More than seven different ethnic groups coexist in a country that extends only along the Gambia River. They are mainly Muslims, but there are also Christians and animists living there. They marry between the different ethnic groups, and even religions, and the most surprising thing is that everyone know their mother tongue as well as the neighbouring’s ethnic groups. Diversity enriches and increases this social harmony. This is the example that seeks to implement, in the Syrian Kurdistan and the whole Syria, the democratic confederalism: different social, ethnic or religious groups, can live together respecting each other.

"These women are suffering, we want peace for these people" or "ISIS is not Islam, ISIS is destroying Islam", are some of the statements they made while watching images of Rojava’s affected areas and the Kurdish militia. Syria looks like two different countries if we compare it before and after the war. Violence costs and does not allow a country to develop. However, Steve Killelea, founder and president of the Institute for Economics and Peace, said in an interview that “nations have become more peaceful as they compete through economics, rather than military means”.

So let's spread this message from women who have almost nothing but the most important: peace.

Noemi Fuster

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