dilluns, 16 de novembre del 2015

Petition: Pressure Turkey to stop attacking the Kurdish 'YPG' militia

The Turkish military has recently been attacking the Kurdish militia in Syria, by shelling them from across the border. The YPG has been a crucial ally in the fight against ISIL. Last year, our Air Force aided the YPG to help them successfully defeat the major IS offensive on Kobani, a Kurdish city in northern Syria. They have since captured more territory from IS.

Turkey, however, is hostile to the YPG and has threatened them with continued attacks if they capture any more territory from IS, which includes border crossings from Syria to Turkey. This behavior from Turkey is unacceptable from a NATO "ally" and will only complicate the fight against ISIL. I recommend that we warn Turkey to stop this immediately and enact sanctions if these attacks continue.

Sign the Petition to the US Administration 

YPG: Yekîneyên Parastinê Gel (Unitats de Defensa Popular, YPG)

IS: Islamic State

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