dimecres, 25 de novembre del 2015

More than 60 people at the meeting on Syria and Kurdistan in the Faculty of Medicine of Badalona

The event, on November 24th at the Can Ruti's Faculty of Nursing , Badalona attracted more than 60 people who filled to overflowing classroom 4. The presentation of the situation in Syria was the responsibility of the Assembly Students and included a very educational video on the conflict.

Albert Roma, Pro Active Open Arms' lifeguard on the island of Lesbos, explained his personal experience after 30 days on the island with shocking details of the drama of refugees trying to reach Greece.

We also connected with Rojava's partner in the area; he made an explanation of the social and political process in Kurdistan Syria as well asanswered questions. Finally we made a general presentation of the people of Kurdistan and repression suffered by their identity. Some students volunteered to help with sanitary tasks in Kurdistan.

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